You Should Know About Bondax

I stumbled on Bondax about 6 months ago or so while scouring the interwebz for new music and heard them for the first time on a mix for Mary Anne Hobbs’ radio show. A quick breakdown: Adam and George are a couple teenagers from Lancaster who DJ and produce their own music. Their sound samples a lot from early R&B tracks and blends them with a sonically floral, soulful, and at times tropical, UK garage sound. If you’re a fan of Jacques Greene or Starslinger then you should definitely give Bondax a listen.

Recently, they released a music video for one of their latest singles, “Baby I Got That,” on Noisey. Ever since they’ve been blowing up on some of the best music blogs regarding it’s release tomorrow on their label, Just Us. These tunes make me want to hang out in a dark, smoke filled studio with beautiful strangers and a glass of strong whiskey on the rocks. I am so happy for their success and can’t wait till the day I see them live!

One of my favorite songs by them – All Inside is available for free DL:

One of the greatest things to see, as a music fan, is when one of your favorite producers remixes a song by another one of your favorite producers. So ecstatic to see Starslinger see the brilliance in Bondax – You’re So. Update: Had to replaced with this video version of the song.

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