What I Learned From Prison Garde

Wow 19 days since my last post. Blogger fail. Ok back on topic.

So some of you may or may not know that I have quite a few jobs, one of them being at Catalog Gallery in Gastown. I spent most of last summer and a good chunk of 2012 there attending to shows, working the bar at parties and helping out with their online marketing. I’m grateful for my time there because I got to meet so many amazing and talented people, namely Robert Squire.

Rob is a crazy mane who can excel in pretty much any role whether it’s as a musician, artist, curator, designer or entrepreneur. I consider him to be a professional mentor of mine as well as a good friend. Rob has recently decided to move back to the other side of the country to pursue his music career. Jerk. So in lieu of all the usual sadness/anger, i’ve decided to share 5 things i’ve learned from Rob over the past year since meeting him.

1. Do not bend your ideals to fit someone else’s

You’ve spent your whole life developing this sense of “yourself.” Why would you throw all that away for someone else? Surround yourself with people who understand and appreciate you for who you are and what you do. Which leads me to…

2. Keep your friends and family close

You’re not alone. Talk to your team, work with your team. We’ll come up together.

3. Work hard and the rest will come

People are inherently looking for the easy way out. If you work hard, the right people will notice and you will be rewarded.


Go fuck yourself.

5. Whiskey is the milk of the gods

I used to think whiskey was disgusting. I now drink it… often. Also, I can make a pretty decent Old Fashioned now.

Thank you for an interesting year, Rob. I’ll see you soon. You better reply to my emails, you promised.

Love, Nessa.

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