Summer Jamz 2014 – Snakehips


Soooo, I realize I haven’t posted anything here since like June. I can’t be that mad though, I was just out enjoying my summer! At least I have a lot of stuff to talk about for the next few weeks.

My summer this year, has been amazing so far. I went to visit some friends in Calgary, a couple music festivals, and a mini road trip, but those stories will have to wait. To soundtrack my adventures, I found myself mostly listening to tunes by the production duo Snakehips. I can’t really find out much more info about them besides the fact that they’re from London and their names are Ollie and James.

The Snakehips vibe is chill, groovy and totally danceable. Listening to their music, you’ll recognize some 90’s Hip-Hop instrumental cues layered with an infectious dance beat and contemporary vocals to make their songs sound somewhat nostalgic, but completely new at the same time.

We have just about a month of this gorgeous Vancouver summer weather left. Go outside and vibe out to some of these tunes with people you love.

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