Interview with Alt-J Part 2

Interview with Alt-J Part 2

So when ∆ (Alt-J) was in town playing a show a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to score an interview with their drummer Thom for my final Native Shoes Artist Feature post. I couldn’t fit everything we talked about there so here is part 2 for your reading pleasure.

I sat in one of the booths on the left side of the Commodore Ballroom, compiling notes, setting up my voice recorder and waited for my interview to start a few hours before doors were scheduled to open for the Alt-J show. There were a bunch of other press kids scattered around the venue, setting up, tearing down, waiting. I never realized this before, but the whole left wall of the Commodore is actually a huge window that I assume gets covered up at night during shows. Sunlight streamed into the historic ballroom refracting off the unsettled dust in the air.

The press manager walks by and introduces me to Thom Green from Alt-J. Thom smiles at me, says hello and sits down. He’s wearing a navy jacket, shaggy blond hair tucked under a hat with a scruffy beard starting to grow in. He tells me that they just flew in from London yesterday as he admits, “I’m so horrifically jet lagged.”

We talk about Coachella, steak and burritos, living in a hotel and their plans for a sophomore album. Thom talks about how he’s teaching himself how to use Abelton Live and about DJing after parties as Thom ∆. We talk more about the thrill/addiction of finding new music and his love of dubstep and hard electronic bass music. We talk more about Clams Casino and how his style of production influences Thom in his own production style. I also managed to introduce him to Adventure Club from Montreal ;)

We talk more about where he would like to re-visit if he ever had some free time to travel away from the band. “New York obviously… Brooklyn,” he mentions, “It’s just because we always have a great time when we’re there and the way I am at the moment, I just don’t want to stop.” He continues on to say, “I really love Amsterdam as well, it’s very cultural and has a lot of art there. It’s very relaxing and people are very welcoming. It’s a different experience from New York, so you kind of feel like a different person. We’re lucky enough to have toured so much that we can know about different places and what they can offer you.”

It was a pleasure to meet and spend some time chatting with you Thom! Hope to see you again soon, perhaps in New York :)

Follow Thom on Twitter @ThomSonny.

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