I’m In Love With JMSN

Ok lets put this into context. I’m [not] a raging alcoholic and am not actually referring to the whiskey Jameson. I’m really in love with JMSN, the artist.

Christian’s latest project under the name JMSN was his debut album, Priscilla, which released earlier this year. In addition to Christian’s talent as a singer and songwriter he also creates beautiful work as a producer, director and designer. Priscilla is definitely a soulful R&B record, but I think with a more modern and minimalist production style. While listening to his hauntingly melodic voice I find it easy to slip into his aesthetic and feel somehow connected to him.

Check out a couple of my favourite songs/videos from Priscilla:

He just released this Kastle remix of his track – Alone. It’s beautiful.

Listening to his album makes me want to fall in love, feel happy, get hurt, break up and do it all over again.

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