Costa Rica 2014

Costa Rica 2014

Hahahaha a whole month without one blog post. OOPS. Ok so i’ve been back from Costa Rica for about 2 weeks now; thats not too long ago really. I’m not that mad.

My trip to Costa Rica was full of a lot of firsts. My first time travelling out of North America by myself. My first time staying in a hostel. The first time I realized how horrible my (lack of) Spanish skills are. After a nightmare of flights into Costa Rica, I had to take a 5 hour bus ride from San Jose to Tamarindo. I arrived at my hostel around 10pm and immediately went to bed. Exhausted from over 24 hours of travelling.

The next few days there were good vibes all around. Beaching, building sand castles, meeting new people, surfing every day, dancing, sharing stories, watching the sunset and eating. I started to feel a bit restless after a couple days though; always feeling the need to move, to see more, to do more.

Tamarindo Sunset

I decided it’d be a good idea to rent a car and drive up to Monteverde one morning to check out the cloud rainforest nature reserve. After getting behind the wheel of my little all-wheel drive whip and plugging in my own music, I instantly felt more fulfilled and happy.


Most of the roads in Costa Rica are decent, but the higher you go into the Monteverde mountains the more rocky and bumpy they get. Driving through the modest towns perched on the side of the mountains was so cool to see. The locals who live in Monteverde usually ride dirt bikes because of the bad roads and the surprisingly high gas prices. This trip really solidified for me how much I just love driving. You get to see so much more when you drive and it felt like more of a adventure too.

Road to Monteverde

Hiking up to the top of the Monteverde cloud rainforest reserve was pretty dope too. The rainforest I went to was located right on the continental divide of Costa Rica. One side of the country has the Caribbean Sea on it’s coast and the other side has the Pacific Ocean. So when the warm and cool air mix at the continental divide, you get all this mist and cloud that reminds me of the last scene from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Costa Rica. One day i’ll be back, and I promise you I’ll be driving.

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