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My Interview with Prozzak

Back in September of this year, I realized a childhood dream and sat down to interview the two guys behind Prozzak to publish along with a live review of their sold out show for Daily Hive Vancouver. …

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I turned 30 this year

I turned 30 this year and I’m really bummed about it tbh. Not because I’m getting old, but mostly because I didn’t think I’d be where I am now when I got here. Like most, I had…

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Keith Ape’s Canadian Tour

A viral Korean rap artist recently just wrapped up his first Canadian tour. How wild is that sentence? Something like this could never happen even 10 years ago. A single viral hit under his belt and h…

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2015

I scored a media pass for the Capitol Hill Block Party this year with Vancity Buzz. Not gonna lie, I was pretty jazzed about it. Without a doubt, one of my favourite music festivals on the West coast.…

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