5 Things About Vanessa Tam

So it’s pretty common knowledge that I have a lot of social media accounts and I put a lot of information about myself out there. It maybe less known, however, that I have a pretty solid hold over what I post and what gets posted about me. I very rarely take public party photos and keep my personal relationships very private. The following 5 things i’m going to share I don’t really openly talk about, just because I think that they sometimes make other people feel uncomfortable. It shouldn’t, but you know sometimes it does.

1. I’m a cancer survivor
I think that being a cancer survivor isn’t as big a deal as it used to be. I think that’s great. I was diagnosed around age 3 with Rhabdomyosarcoma and had chemo, radiation and surgery and all that crap. Since age 5 i’ve been in remission, so I guess that makes me around 20 years in remission.

I could probably write a whole post on my experience with cancer so I guess i’ll just save that for another time. Let’s continue.

2. My hair isn’t real
I guess this could technically count as a continuation of #1. A side affect of my chemo treatments was pattern alopecia. So when you see me out and about with drastically different hairstyles it’s because they’re all fake! Custom made human hair wigs to be exact; that’s why they all look kinda real.

So in other words: you can look, but don’t you dare touch my weave. *snaps*

3. I’ve never done any drugs besides alcohol
I’ve just never wanted to. I’m sure i’ve gotten contact high before because i’m fine if people want to smoke weed around me or whatever. I’ve just never actively chosen to try anything before.

4. Everything I have right now, I’ve built for myself
In the past two years i’ve changed my professional life from working as a retail store manager to:

  • Being involved in the local art scene (Cheaper Show and Catalog Gallery)
  • Being involved in the local music scene (Fortune and Gman and Rizk)
  • Building a career for myself in Online Marketing and Social Media (Native Shoes)

I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am now. Thank you to everyone who has seen potential in me and gave me a chance to prove what I can achieve. I hope i’m making you all proud.

5. I wear a mouth guard to sleep
I grind my teeth when i’m stressed out and when I talk with my mouth guard in, I have a slight lisp. Awesome.


**Please note that i’m completely open to talk about everything i’ve shared above. If you have a family member who’s sick, you want to talk about wigs or want to know where I got my mouth guard, by all means lets chat. I’m very easy to track down.


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