The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves.”

So recently i’ve been trying to get into reading fiction again. Something relaxing and non-business related that I can treat my brain to a few times a week. Besides, reading more should improve my writing and that’s something I really want to work on anyways.

I came across this book because I watch a lot of Youtube shows and the author, John Green, vlogs with his brother as the Vlog Brothers. I’ve also heard really great things about this book through the blog-o-sphere and knew I wanted to read it even though I didn’t really know much about it to begin with.

The general plot of The Fault in Our Stars features a young girl who survived teenaged cancer and her experience with friendships, love, loss and just life in general living as a survivor. I know this is kind of obvious but, experiencing life as a survivor is really different from living as a healthy person, but it’s really similar to other people living as survivors. So even though i’m a childhood cancer survivor, which is an exponentially different experience from being a teenage cancer survivor, I still really connect with all the characters in this book and what they go through.

One of the reasons why this book is so special is the way the author captures the nuances of being a survivor. I understand all the inside (and sometimes fucked up) jokes sick kids make because lets face it, we’re all living on borrowed time. In any other situation we’d all be dead. It’s a really dark thing to think about but when you’re living in a hospital for months at a time, you get kind of desensitized to everything. And if you don’t have a sense of humour about it, how do you expect to live through something like that?

“Qualities of a Good Nurse: Go.” I said. “1. Doesn’t pun on your disability.” Issac said. “2. Get’s blood on the first try,” I said.

Get’s blood on the first try, that one hits home for me! Imagine the smallest, skinniest Asian 3 year old you’ve ever seen mean mugging her IV nurse asking, “So… how many times have you done this huh?” That was me, haha. Every survivor should read this book, heck everyone should just read it. It’s that good.

“What a slut time is. She screws everybody.”

John Green, your book is perfect. I felt ever range of emotion while reading this book and could barely tear myself away from it during the 3 days I spent devouring it. Thank you for writing it.

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