Staycation – Vanessa’s Vancouver Party Guide Summer 2012

Being a broke ass during the summer in Vancouver sucks. It sucks even more when you have friends that casually say shit like…

“Oh yeah i’m going to backpack across europe for like a month. NBD.”
“I have to go home for the summer… in Asia. So annoying.”
“Oh i’m not going to go anywhere this summer, except for 2 weeks in mexico.”

Vancouver’s scene may be young but it is growing and there are people in this city working really hard to make shit happen here. We just need people like you to come out with a good attitude and an open mind to continue to support our growth. Think about it, you can spend $25 on a 90 minute movie, soda and popcorn after watching a 2 minute trailer without thinking twice. Why wouldn’t you spend that same money on a LIVE MUSIC show and a beer after listening to a 2 minute song? It doesn’t make sense.

Someone recently asked me if I was the person to talk to if they randomly wanted to go out on any given day this summer. My answer was, “Yeah I guess so.” So whether you’re a local who want’s to try something new, or you’re from out of town and want to do something fun when the sun goes down, you’re probably in the right place.

Vanessa’s Vancouver Party Guide – Summer 2012 Edition


Hip-Hop Karaoke – The most fun you can have on a Monday night! This is a monthly event that takes place at Fortune Sound Club in Chinatown brought to you by the homies, Chad and Paul. This isn’t like a regular karaoke bar though, you are recommended to pre-register your songs and have to actually memorize the lyrics as there won’t be any monitors for you to read off of. Essentially, it’s like a mini concert where a bunch of friends come together and rap their favourite songs to each other. Fun right?


Celebrities – Celebs is typically known as one of Vancouver’s greatest gay night clubs. I personally feel welcome going into Celebs any given day of the week, but Tuesdays are supposed to be their weekly “straight night.” This club is generally packed every day that it’s open so it’s a good idea to head down early.


REUP – Two friends, Rico Uno and Genie, resurrected REUP at the L.E.D. bar on Granville Street this summer. The spot is actually really pretty and the crowd is a interesting mix of people in and of itself. If you’re into trippy turnt up rap on a weekday, this is where you gotta be.

FADED – This is a weekly project done by the homies at 110BPM and Blueprint and can be found at Celebrities every Wednesday this summer. Be prepared as they go real heavy on the bass here.

Rehydrate and get some rest before the weekend.


Happy Ending Fridays – This is one of my favourite weeklys of all time. I may be a little biased though because I actually work at Fortune Sound Club where this night resides. It’s basically a bit of rap, hip-hop, moombah, dancehall and indie all mixed up together to make for a consistently solid night. Btw, I usually have glist for this night so if you ever wanna come check it out let me know ;) #SHAMELESSPROMO.

World Star Fridays – This monthly party features international special guests brought in by VVO and The Waldorf Hotel while residents Relly Rels, Cam Crillz and Andi bump hip-hop and rap in the hideaway club. Always quality programming.


The Waldorf Hotel – The Waldorf always seems to have something going on. Sometimes it’s a live band downstairs, vinyls in the Tiki Bar or a full blown multi room party. Just show up, there’s always usually something fun happening.

Glory Days – Every Saturday at the Biltmore you can always count on awesome dance party vibes and well priced drinks at Glory Days. As for the tunes, thank My!Gay!Husband!, Sincerely Hana and Rico Uno for the always great mix of indie, dance, hip-hop and rap.

Experience Saturdays – Our weekly Saturday night at Fortune Sound Club, lead by Rob Rizk and Marlon J English, always brings you a selection of hand picked local and international talent. You can usually expect a good mix of music here but most of the time it does tend to lean towards the electro house end of the spectrum. I usually have a glist for this night too if you’re interested ;) #SHAMELESSPROMO.

Go have dim sum with your family.

Please note: This isn’t a complete Vancouver summer nightlife guide. This is MY Vancouver summer nightlife guide and has been edited to MY taste. If you don’t like it, GFYS.

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