Pemberton Music Festival 2014

Pemby Fest 2014

2 months later and im finally writing my recap for the Pemberton Music Festival. Oops.

What a time. It’s hard to believe I actually won both of my festival and camping passes in a random contest. What are the odds right?

Ok so this was actually the first festival that I’ve ever camped at, which was fun/horrible since I was mellow sick with this awesome cough that I picked up from Calgary. Yaaaaayyyy. Anyways, my sister and I decided to drive up to the grounds Friday afternoon, set up our camp by like 2 or 3pm and head straight to the grounds to soak up some tunes.

Pemby Fest 2014

The festival grounds were ginormous, but not in a way that made it terribly inconvenient to walk from here to there. The mountainous background was totally breathtaking on Friday when the sun was fully out. Overall, the weather held up for most of the weekend and only sprinkled a little rain on the last couple days.

The vibes were so strong out there too. Pretty much everyone was on something which generally put the crowd in a good mood at all times. By day 3 however, you could totally see the strain everyone was putting on their bodies. So many people were either on crutches or limping around the grounds from getting too turnt and falling and twisting their ankle etc. There were so many walking braces and crutches on day 3. So many.

All in all, it was an amazing experience that i’m really glad I got to share with my sister. Sasquatch next year anyone?

The Best Of Times:
– Seeing Schoolboy Q live on the first night with a cameo by Kendrick for Collard Greens
– St. Vincent is a super talented robot babe who played both lead and rhythmic guitar for her entire set
– Wild Belle
– The Bass Camp stage set up was perfection
– Flying Lotus’s late night set was a religious experience
– RL Grime
– Justice
– Outkast
– Frank Ocean was honestly the best way to end the festival

The Worst Of Times:
– The walk into camp was the Worst. Time. Ever. End of story
– Araabmuzik decided to play a trance set which was really unexpected, in a bad way
– 5$ showers (which I didn’t even bother taking)

Shout outs to Josh and the fam for saving us a spot at camp and to all the chill friends I saw up there! I wish I wasn’t so sick so I could’ve stayed up and hung out more. Till next time.


  1. Genevieve says:

    Hey, just came across your blog and must say I love your site and style!

    I was at Pemberton too… can concur that the walk (hike) in was pretty much the worst time ever. Outkast pretty much made up for it though.

    1. vanessa says:

      Thanks for the kind words!
      Outkast was pretty amazing weren’t they?

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