My Songs of the Summer – Le Youth

Le Youth

It’s that time of year when living in Vancouver is worth the 10 months of rain for those 2 months of glorious Summer weather. As the days start getting longer and warmer I notice myself listening to a tightly curated list of tunes that I guess you could call my “Summer Soundtrack”. They’re always songs that match up with the heat, the sun and the chill vibe that my Summers tend to go by. This year I couldn’t really settle on any concrete number of songs so instead i’m choosing a vibey mix by my one of my favourite producers right now, Le Youth.

Le Youth, also known as Wes James, has a production style that initially makes you think of the UK when he was actually born and raised in Los Angeles. He takes samples from 90’s era RnB tracks and works them into an infectious dance beat that doesn’t force you into a fist pumping, furry boot wearing, guido smushing EDM frenzy, but just into a really damn good mood. I was so happy to be able to see him play at Fortune Sound Club last month, I died.

Wes’ Missed Calls mix is exactly how I want my Summer to sound this year. It combines a lot of my favourite remixes from some of the other producers i’m obsessed with at the moment including Giraffage, Kaytranada, Cyril Hahn and of course, Le Youth. It’s also free for DL ;)

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