Keith Ape’s Canadian Tour

Keith Ape

A viral Korean rap artist recently just wrapped up his first Canadian tour.

How wild is that sentence? Something like this could never happen even 10 years ago. A single viral hit under his belt and he’s on a plane from Seoul to North America with 6 Canadian stops. The American internet dream man.

The show itself was interesting enough considering the dude only has a few major songs out. I was more into seeing who was gonna be at the show and what they were wearing to be honest. Were they young? Old? Girls? Dudes? Did they wear BAPE? Face masks? Off White? HBA? What ethnicity were they? Pleasantly surprised.

The crew he brought out for this tour was predominantly made up of kids from the US which was even more interesting to me. Part way through the set they started playing North American bangers and just rapped along because they ran out of songs to perform; and the crowd was down for it! Curiouser and curiouser.

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