Halloween Costumes

So Halloween’s pretty much here and I think i’m going to like 3 parties or something. I have a general idea of what my costumes are going to be; only 1 of them should be complicated.

For me, a costume usually consists of special FX makeup and takes me about 3 or 4 hours to apply. After spending all that time doing my make up I generally cop out on the rest of the costume and just wear normal clothes, Haha.

Check out some of my past SFX makeup “costumes” to see what I mean:

Zipper Face (2009)

Exposed Teeth (2010)

Sugar Skull (2011)

Join me at the Happy Ending Fridays Halloween Party, the Sup Fu Saturdays Halloween Party and Trip-o-ween on the 31st all at Fortune to see what my costumes will be this year ;) #SHAMELESSPROMO

Also, Teen Witch made this trippy mix for when he’ll be playing at our trippy Halloween party on the 31st! So stoked!

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