Dream Koala – Blur [EP]

I’m assuming that Dream Koala is pretty new to the scene… because I can barely find any info about him on the interwebs. All I can really tell you is that he’s been making music under the moniker Dream Koala since the Summer of 2011 and that he’s based out of Paris. He blends together sounds from his guitar and his own voice with an ambient/chillwave production in a way that somehow makes his music feel warmer to the ear. The rich variety in sounds and professional production on his music bring me back to the replay button over and over.

This was the song that made me fall head over heels for Dream Koala – We Can’t Be Friends. It sounds exactly how it feels to be stuck in that awkward place where you want something, but you can’t have it.

He just released a EP at the beginning of this month under the title Blur. My favorite song was Hipster Girl, but honestly the whole EP is pretty amazing. Definitely worth a listen.

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