Date From Hell #001

I’m assuming that everyone reading this blog post has been on at least 1 date before. I’m further assuming that everyone reading this has had at least 1 horrible date before. I’ve had my fair share of both and thought, “why not share it with you all on the interwebz?” So here we are, I hope you enjoy this little story about one of my worst dating experiences ever.

I think I was… maybe 18 or 19 at the time that I met this guy at a party. He was so gorgeous! Just about 6 feet tall, with a sharp jaw line and a perfectly cut body. The first few times we hung out it was always at some sort of party; go figure. We drank, we danced, we made out… it was great. Haha.

I was completely happy and everything was perfect until the first time we went out for dinner, just the two of us. He said he wanted to take me out for sushi so he picked me up after work and took me to the restaurant. Normal dinner date protocol ensued… until the food arrived at the table.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe an almost 20 year old man boy could survive like this as long as he has. What he did was stuff his face with 3 or 4 pieces of sushi all at once like a fucking chipmunk, chew it all at once, then swallow. Sitting there staring at him in shock i hoped that he was just really, really hungry. Unfortunately, he continued to eat like this for the rest of the meal. I have never seen more disgusting eating habits in my entire life! This isn’t rural China, you don’t have to eat like you don’t know when your next meal is going to be!

To say the least, that was the last time we hung out. Ever.

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