Capitol Hill Block Party Recap

So 2 weekends ago I rented a car with some good friends and went to the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle. We decided to only go for Saturday because we really just wanted to see Major Lazer, Grimes and Aesop Rock and it was only $30 for a single days entry.

After trying not to go out the night before, and failing horribly (we had to see Dam Funk live!), we sleepily left Vancouver just before noon and started to head down to Seattle. We crossed the border in under 2 hours, ate Jack in the Box for lunch, hit up the outlets and finally made it to Capitol Hill! I especially loved how they didn’t seem to have cops crawling all over the event and in and outs were allowed for the festival area throughout the entire day. Although everyone was either on drugs, or hammered, or both, there were surprisingly no huge fights and people were relatively nice overall. It’s hard to think if something like this would ever be possible in Vancouver.

This was actually the first music festival i’ve ever attended and it was such a great experience. I was so lucky to be able to go with such great friends who are just as passionate about music as I am. I’ve been meaning to go to something like Sasquatch or Coachella but never could make it due to monetary or timing reasons. I’m a big fan of smaller venues anyways, so Capitol Hill was perfect. Can’t wait to attend more in the future!

The crew at the block party is all smiles! From the left: Tom, Kim and Rick.

From day to night… the weather couldn’t have been more perfect :)

Grimes performing Vanessa in the early evening.

The Saturday night headliner Major Lazer playing Original Don as the crowd went bananas!

Major Lazer also played Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys and the crowd loved it :)

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