Capitol Hill Block Party 2015

Capitol Hill Block Party 2015

I scored a media pass for the Capitol Hill Block Party this year with Vancity Buzz. Not gonna lie, I was pretty jazzed about it. Without a doubt, one of my favourite music festivals on the West coast.

This as also my first time staying for all 3 days of the urban festival which was dope. We stayed in a choice Airbnb spot that was walking distance from the festival. There’s really no better way to test a new friendship than by going on a road trip with them and spending every waking moment together for 3 solid days. Stoked I was able to walk away from that trip with a new travel buddy.

As for the festival itself, my favourite shows from the were Wet, Father John Misty, DIIV and CHARMS. I’ve been trying to see Wet since I first heard that Branchez remix last year. Kelly, the lead singer, has this amazing voice that’s so perfect it’s hard to put into words. DIIV was dope as expected; New York indie-grunge at its best. The punk trio, CHARMS, performed their set in the basement venue known as the Cha Cha Lounge. A perfectly small and dark spot filled with raw energy and noise.

Father John Misty was definitely a trip to see in person though. While I have heard some of his music before, I had no idea what to expect from the IRL show. His voice, banter, sarcasm, presence and dance moves were amazing. Definitely go see him in person if you have a chance. Till next year CHBP! *kiss face emoji*

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