Capitol Hill Block Party 2014

Capitol Hill Block Party 2014

Yo, this post is damn late. I still want to write something about it so fuck it, here we go.

The Capitol Hill Block Party (CHBP) will always be special to me. As weird as this may seem, it was the first out of town music festival i’ve ever been to back in 2012 and it blew my fucking mind. It’s no secret that I prefer urban music festivals over the ones where you have to camp out in nature. Don’t get me wrong though, I love both, I just prefer sleeping in a bed over a tent. Honesty.

Reasons why I will always try to attend the Capitol Hill Block Party every year:

  • The programming is always on point
  • It’s pretty affordable considering
  • The people that attend this festival are dope (and nice to look at too!)
  • It’s so close by
  • It’s damn fun!

This year, the weather was perfect, the crowd was dope, the local food was great as always, and the headliner (Chromeo) was the perfect end to the night. See you next summer CHBP <3

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