Angie’s Double Mastectomy

Queen Angie

In case you haven’t heard already, Angelina Jolie recently underwent an elective double mastectomy to dramatically reduce her risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. She got through the 3 months of procedures in private but has since chosen to share her story now in hopes of giving support to other women who may be in similar situations.

I find this story so incredibly inspiring and selfless, especially since it’s coming from such a famous celebrity. I can’t even bring myself to imagine how hard it must have been for her to make the decision to undergo the procedure so that she would be able to be there for her children in the future. Especially for a woman who has been voted as the sexiest woman alive on more then one occasion, breasts are an important symbol of a woman’s sexuality. To have to make the decision to remove them makes you question everything about yourself. Are you still a women if you don’t have breasts? Will my partner still find me attractive without them? Am I still a sexual person without them? So many questions.

Thank you Angie for sharing your story. You are a queen.

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