28, Shmoney Eight

28, Shmoney Eight

Another year is coming to a close, which means i’m another year older. Sigh. I’m really liking this yearly thing i’ve been doing where I re-read last years post and reassess where I (think I) am in my life though, so let’s get into it.

I think i’ve done pretty well this year. If I really want to say something that’s not constructive to the conversation i’m in, I try to keep it to myself. I feel like i’ve grown from this exercise in verbal restraint and maybe even became a better person in the process? I’ll admit, this was a hard one for me. It’s so easy to harp on people’s faults and weaknesses, but that doesn’t make it ok. Live and let live.

Next year, I really want to work on myself professionally. I feel like i’ve kinda hit a wall over the past year, which totally bums me out. I want to lock down a serious mentor, specifically in the field of Marketing, who I can speak with on the regular and who can hold me accountable for stuff. I also want to do some better goal setting too, since I have some major ones that I want to achieve by 30.

On to the next one I guess.

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